Solution Updates

TRACK APP v3.3.2 Release

This release will include updates to the scanner, added additional code to track device movement using longitude and latitude coordinates, added civilian counts to the event and assignment screens, general enhancements / bug fixes, and more. 

Print Control v5.0.10 Update

This update added additional fields and the ability to install over the previous.

SalamanderLive v68.1.4 Release

This release focuses on 48 tickets, including updates to the Event reports to ensure consistency throughout the column names, updating the Resource Timer, adding an indicator to PLANS to easily see which collections are already within a plan, general enhancements, bug fixes, and more.

SalamanderLive v68.1.3 Release

SalamanderLive v68.1.3 focuses on 24 tickets, including updates to Self Registration, Collections, event Chart and Resource Timer tiles, custom development, and several bug fixes.

SalamanderLive v68.1.2 Release

With the completion of 73 tickets, this release includes updates to the user’s profile (added visibility to roles / permissions, child organizations, and custom field visibility, print control / ID Designer updates, reports and more. The release also created a separate lane for civilian credentials, so they are no longer grouped together with responders. Lastly, this update contains many custom development enhancements.