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Q. Why the name "Salamander"?

In ancient times, philosophers such as Aristotle and Pliny the Elder believed that the Salamander possessed mythical powers, which, not only allowed it to thrive in fire but extinguish it as well. At Salamander Technologies we strive to provide solutions that help businesses, organizations, and emergency management gain visibility to whatever situation is at hand.

Q. How do I change my password"?

Go to SalamanderLive, and on the login page click "I forgot my Username or Password". Here is also a link CLICK HERE.

Q. How do I access SalamanderLive v1?

Salamander is currently on version 2. We strongly suggest that everyone utilize version 2 to take advantage of all features available. However, in the rare case that version 1 needs to be accessed, simply navigate to

Q. Where do I download my apps?

Salamander’s TAG, TRACK, and INVENTORY applications are available for download from the Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store.  You can also find direct links in our "Downloads & Specs" page under "Resources".

Q. How do I log into the mobile apps?

Usernames and passwords for mobile application access are setup through the Admin section of SalamanderLive.  Contact your Administrator to authorize you for access.

Q. What do I do if I lose connectivity during an event?

Salamander solutions are all developed using a store-and-forward model. Therefore, if connectivity is lost, all data is stored locally on the device until connectivity is restored. When connectivity is restored, data will be synced through SalamanderLive restoring a common operating picture.

Q. How many mobile apps can connect to the same event?

There are no limitations to how many apps can connect to a single event.

Q. Can Salamander work with my CAD system?

Salamander has API’s and Web Services available that will allow the system to push and pull data from various systems. Still, each system is different, and we would need to be put in contact with your CAD vendor to verify compatibility.

Q. How do I get the newest W-9?

Simply send request to and one will be promptly provided.

Q. What makes our ASSET MANAGEMENT solution so different?

Our solution has the ability to attach assets to people and then attach them to an event. Here are some additional differentiating factors: cost recovery, check-in / check-out or issue / turn in, ability to schedule maintenance and mark complete, alert creation and notification, equipment import, and reporting. Specific to reporting, ASSET MANAGEMENT gives visibility of full assets, missing assets, assets checked in / out, assets out of service, and asset purchasing information.

Q. Does SalamanderLive know the difference between a Civilian Tag and a Responder Tag?

Yes! When a tag is scanned, SalamanderLive checks to see the type of credential, which is stored within the QR code and the profile of the identity. Based on the type, the credential will be placed into the proper lane within the assignment of an event.

Q. How do I Install my software?

Most Salamander software can be easily installed and activated, however some training and installation assistance may be necessary. If your agency purchased through an authorized Regional Technical Center (RTC) for Salamander, you will need to contact them for any technical support concerns and / or installation needs. If your agency purchased directly through Salamander, please contact us directly.

Q. What if I need additional assistance with installation or training?

Training and installation can be purchased as in person, a webinar, or phone support depending on the product purchased. Please contact your local representative or Salamander for more information on availability and pricing. Phone support is included with the purchase of Software Maintenance during your coverage period. Additional purchase is required for on-site training or support.

Q. How long do I have to redeem the training I purchased?

Once training is purchased, your agency will have 60 days to schedule the training session after receipt of your order.

Q. Who do I contact for Support? 

If you purchased directly through Salamander, our 24 / 7 Tech Support will be ready for your call (877-430-5171). Phone support is included with the purchase of Software Maintenance during your coverage period. If your agency did not purchase this on-going maintenance, standard hourly rates will apply. Additional purchase is required for on-site training or support. If you are not satisfied with your local support, please contact Salamander directly. We strive to offer the best possible service. If you purchased through an authorized Regional Technical Center (RTC) for Salamander, you will need to contact them for any technical support concerns.
In order to receive the latest updates to your agency’s software, Software Maintenance must be purchased. During your coverage period, Salamander will notify your registered contacts of any updates available upon release via email. Updates will also be advertised on SalamanderLive™. Salamander cloud-based products such as mobile apps or SalamanderLive will automatically update with the subscription services. Locally installed products require onsite installation of improved software. With the purchase of Software Maintenance, your agency may be entitled to the most recent version of software. If there is a lapse in coverage, an upgrade fee may be required to reinstate coverage and receive the most recent version of software.

Q. How do I plan for renewal?

Your provided documents will outline your renewal dates and expected renewal budget at Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) for an additional 12 months of service. If you prefer a longer coverage period, a discount is available in 36 month increments. Please request a quote from your representative for more accurate pricing. Prices may vary depending on location. Please use the renewal budget to ensure you have allocated the appropriate funds for continuing maintenance. Please be aware that a lapse in coverage may result in an additional fee to reinstate or increase in renewal pricing. You should be contacted for renewal from a representative at least 30 days prior to expiration though this may vary based upon location. If for some reason you are not contacted, please contact Salamander directly, to be sure you do not lapse in coverage. As an additional note, the maintenance period typically begins the first day of the month following the issuance of the software license. If this time period needs to be adjusted, please contact us for assistance.

Q. How do I consolidate multiple maintenance schedules?

Over time, your agency may have purchased several solutions from Salamander. We understand that multiple schedules may make planning difficult. We are more than happy to create a plan through proration to consolidate multiple renewals into one payment. Similarly, if your agency needs to change the renewal date to fit grant or budgetary needs, we are happy to do so. This can occur at the time of purchase or during your existing coverage period. Please contact Salamander or your local representative for more information. 

Q. I am not in charge of software / hardware maintenance...What do I need to do?

If you are not authorized to address this renewal, please submit the Software / Hardware Maintenance Transfer Form to your local representative or Salamander directly. Also, forward the form to the appropriate person in your organization to ensure that you do not experience a lapse in coverage.

Q. What if I want to add / change / reduce my coverage?

If you wish to purchase additional maintenance or make a change to your existing coverage, please contact your representative or Salamander directly. A reduction in coverage can be arranged at the time of renewal. At such time, submit the Software Maintenance Cancellation Form listing each serial number you wish to discontinue. It will be assumed that the remaining products will be renewed. Please be aware your agency may receive a confirmation of cancellation after form submission. Please be aware of your renewal date and plan accordingly. A lapse in coverage will, unfortunately, result in additional fees for your organization if you choose to reinstate your coverage in the future.

Q. What if I choose not to renew or lapse in coverage?

If you do not wish to renew your current maintenance or your coverage lapsed, please contact our support team to assist.

Q. Where is all the data stored?

All data is stored in AWS GovCloud (US). AWS services are fully redundant across multiple availability zones. Here is a link for more information on AWS GovCloud.

Q. How frequent is my data being backed up?

Backups are done by taking a snapshot of the Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS) instance every morning at 9 UTC. They are saved for 35 days.

Q. Can SOC reports be provided?

Of course. SOC 1 and SOC 2 reports can be provided by request. Here is a link to AWS SOC 3 Report.

Q. Do you have an "EULA"?

Yes. Here is a link to our EULA.

Q. Do you conduct Penetration and Intrusion Testing?

Absolutely. We conduct both Penetration and Intrusion testing annually. We also conduct testing during / after every major release. The results can be provided by request.

Q. Is the QR code encrypted that is located on the badge?

No. The reason for this is because we believe that all entities should be able to read the QR code. Rest assured, there is nothing in the QR code that cannot be already seen on the badge. The magic around the QR code is that it then links back to SalamanderLive to show the diverse profile associated to the QR code.

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