Card Printing Services

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Let Us Print For You

Salamander offers a turnkey design and card printing service where we customize each print job to meet your needs with regards to who we are printing, color, design, order orientation for easy distribution, and shipping to your specification. With our assistance, we can get you off the ground quickly and start focusing on what matters most – ACCOUNTABILITY.

Printing Service Uses:

  • Big events such as conferences, exercises, and sporting events
  • New to Salamander and need credentials quickly
  • Currently using paper IDs or no IDs and need something that is durable and will last awhile
  • Need IDs for multiple uses; for example: to keep on a person, keep in a vehicle, and use with current passport system

What About Advanced Security?

Can can apply a number of anti-counterfeiting techniques to the credential.  Some examples include:

  • Microtext (only visible under magnification)
  • Holograms, specialty foils, specialty inks and other complicated builds that are difficult to replicate (similar concept used on currency)
  • QR codes and much smaller 2D barcodes
  • RFID / NFC 
  • NFC tags and QR codes for consumer digital authentication

On average, an order of 500 cards can be turned around in a day. (Note that this does not include any custom design if requested and actual shipping time)


  • White, 30 ml PVC card
  • Professional, photo ID credential
  • Cards with or without hole punch
  • Print on one or both sides
  • 2 color or full color printing


  • White, 30 ml PVC card
  • Breaks into 3 “key fob” size cards
  • Use cards for both people and equipment
  • Attach card to multiple items (keep on yourself, in your vehicle, and place one on the board during an event)