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SalamanderLive's web-based solution allows you to manage your resources, both people and equipment, as well as plans and events from anywhere that has internet connectivity. This web-based tool is the core of INTELLIGENT ACCOUNTABILITY. From creating interoperable tags to providing optimal situational awareness at events, SalamanderLive™ is at the center of it all.

Access SalamanderLive from anywhere with a web connection

Easily view and manage resource types (Responder, Equipment, Collection, Patient, and Civilian) within an assignment of an event

Import / export all resource data including people and equipment with our self-service interface

Ability to create an organizational top-down hierarchy which allows visibility of resources and reporting based on permissions

Manage user access to Salamander features and organizational data driven by roles and permissions

Customize the dashboard’s layout by displaying, resizing, reorganizing, and removing tiles

Information collected from Salamander’s mobile and PC-based solutions syncs to SalamanderLive to create a common operating picture, all in real-time

Run detailed reports in real-time for all aspects of events, assets, consumables, personnel, patients, collections, and more

Enhance your situational awareness with advanced geographical mapping services to view the location of people, equipment, events, and assignments

Capture a vast amount of information within a Profile for every resource entered into SalamanderLive, including but not limited to:

Storing cost rate details for both people and equipment that can be used to create event-specific cost reporting

Create accountability TAGs for all resources including people, equipment, and collections

Interface to manage qualifications and trainings for future assignment to resources

Managing all profile information including editing and updating through our quick and easy interface. Mass updates can also be completed utilizing our importing process or with our edit multiple tool

Ability to upload documentation into the profile (drivers’ licenses, manuals, certifications, etc.)

Capturing profile photos from your webcam or from saved images on a computer

Establishing parent / child relationships for assets by linking individual pieces of equipment for easier trackability and management

Assigning / updating / removing certification qualifications and training qualifications for people and equipment



Pairing SalamanderLive with Esri’s powerful ArcGIS platform helps you see your assets all on one common operating picture. Salamander's existing integration allows for increased productivity, data-driven problem solving, smoother operations, and transparency on your event details.

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