From creating your credentials to providing situational awareness at events and day-to-day, Salamander is at the center of it all.
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Real-Time Access

Salamander’s affordable asset management tool provides increased visibility to assigned assets and with alerts never miss ordering additional stock.
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Common Operating Picture

Safely Account For
Evacuees, Migrants, & Workers

Utilize established workflows to securely collect information, create credentials, track shelter attendance, and account for the issuance and return of shelter assets.
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Event Accountability


Salamander provides the power to identify the most valuable assets to TRACK resources and log activity quickly and accurately throughout an event.
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Situational Awareness

In Times Of Distress,
Accountability Is Everything

By using Salamander, accountability starts before personnel reach the scene, ensuring no time is wasted, and personnel can get to the job at hand, while making certain that everyone goes home safely.
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Real-Time Accountability


Online, offline, anytime with Salamander's INTELLIGENT ACCOUNTABILITY™.
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Accountability Solutions
For Everyone

What once was created by first responders for first responders is now available to everyone to help manage events and day-to-day activities.
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Salamander Combines Three Key Functions

Into One Integrated Solution: TAGTRACKREPORT

Salamander provides businesses, organizations, and emergency management with the tools they need to manage small and large events as well as day-to day activity. Our INTELLIGENT ACCOUNTABILITY™ suite offers unrivaled situational awareness, painting a common operational picture for everyone involved to manage the situation at hand. Our real-time resources can be made available at the scene from anywhere in the world. Salamander links physical with digital, providing information to assure everyone goes home at the end of the day.



TAG is the foundation of INTELLIGENT ACCOUNTABILITY. Quickly create interoperable IDs through SalamanderLive™ or create event-specific badges to identify people and resources in the field. The TAG solutions enable Salamander users to instantly TRACK identified resources throughout events.


TRACK solutions increase situational awareness by providing a real-time and cohesive view of activity. With TRACK, Salamander users have a complete and true operational picture. Through SalamanderLive, effectively manage activities by identifying resources en route and on-scene, their current location, and assignment.


REPORT provides Salamander users with timely data collected from the TRACK solutions during and after an event. Elements include resource usage, personnel times, patient activity, and much more. Detailed reports with to-the-second accuracy can be ran for audits, reimbursements, and a whole lot more.

Online, Offline, All the Time

Salamander understands that creating situational awareness is crucial no matter where you are located. From behind a desk or in the field, we have you covered. With our variety of solutions, you are also able to account for resources with or without internet, and even if no technology is available.

Cloud Solutions

SalamanderLive is our web-based tool that provides access to TAG, TRACK, & REPORT anywhere. Attach documents to people and equipment records for additional detail and upload plans that can be converted to an event. From creating interoperable tags to providing real-time situational awareness at events, SalamanderLive is at the center of it all.
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Mobile Solutions

Our applications are accessible from any iOS or Android device. Individuals can respond remotely events and can be instantly checked-in upon arrival. Quickly know who has what assets on them. With the real-time information from our mobile apps feeding to our online solutions, establish accountability like never before.
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PC Based Solutions

Our PC based applications for TAG & TRACK have the ability to be utilized offline. Even with no internet connection in the field, establish accountability by quickly creating IDs and easily analyze, manage, and reposition available resources. When re-connected to our online solutions, REPORT can generate to-the-second data for reporting.
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Manual Solutions

With preparedness comes success. Always come prepared to an event with our affordable manual accountability products. TAG, TRACK, & REPORT with cards, collection boards, and worksheets.
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Accountability Comes in Many Forms

And Salamander has them all covered. As Salamander is known for its accountability solutions, below are the three specific areas where we soar. We get into the finite details of the accountability workflows by targeting essential key areas to ensure your resources are accounted for the way you want them within a real-time environment.


Administrative Accountability

  • Personnel Management
  • Organization Management
  • Asset Management
  • Qualification Management
  • Training Management
  • Document Management

Large-Scale Accountability

  • Plan Management
  • Event Management
  • Rostering
  • JIT Accountability
  • Pre-Credentialing
  • Mutual Aid Management

Every Call Accountability

  • CAD Connectivity
  • Rostering
  • In-Field Check-In
  • Event Management
Speed & Response
Another Differentiator

Agility and Reliability

Reliability plays an important role on the soultion that is used. This includes both service and support. We are committed to make sure we are ready for you at all times.
System Available for Use99%
System Response Time100%
Service Level 1 Resolved in 8 Hours100%
Help Desk Calls Answered in 5 Min99%
Why Choose Salamander?


With over 20 years of experience, we are confident that you will find our growing technology just what you need to successfully account for all your resources – both people and equipment. Whether you need something that focuses on the day-to-day, large-scale events, or both, we have the tools you need. 

Salamander was founded by first responders for first responders and has grown to bring that same situational awareness to other important industries. Our solutions continue to evolve to ensure we are providing our customers with a top-notch accountability solution that exceeds industry standards. 

We also have a dedicated training team that will ensure that you are set up for success. We also offer numerous tutorials, guides, and more that are available at your fingertips 24 / 7.
22 years of experience
Credentials Issued through Salamander
Government & First Responder Agencies on Platform
Agencies utilizing Salamander TRACK Solutions
Statewide and State-level Deployments

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