We Are Set to Connect

Integration Ready!

Freedom to connect to your data however, whenever, and with whatever platform you choose is of high importance at Salamander. That is why we offer multiple ways to connect to our solutions. Connect SalamanderLive™ to your existing platforms to enhance productivity and seamless functionality. All configurations are custom designed for security purposes as well as to deter interruptions during system upgrades.

Below are the most popular ways our customers integrate with SalamanderLive.



Allowing our customers to build on our data functionality with their applications.

Web Service

Allowing our customers to build off a specific task. SOAP & REST are some examples for connectivity.

Email Integration

The ability to start events as well as add to existing events through emails.

Integrated with Esri

Because Salamander is integrated with Esri, you are able to pair your SalamanderLive dataset with Esri’s powerful ArcGIS platform helping you see your assets all on one common operating picture. Salamander's existing integration allows for increased productivity, data-driven problem solving, smoother operations, and transparency on your event details.

Integrated With A Number of CADs

Salamander has integrated a number of Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD) Systems to affirm accountability begins from dispatch and through the entire event. With Salamander being your conduit between CAD and reporting, you are assured that tracking every resource is immediate and fluid. Salamander CAD integration aids you in comprehensively tracking resources by providing interoperable communications, accountability and incident command.

Why Connect SalamanderLive To CAD?

  • Create events on the fly regardless of internet connectivity
  • Execute a smooth and seamless transition from dispatch to on-scene accountability
  • Support instant and accurate accountability across all incident management systems
  • Easily recognize units, personnel, assets, and events across multiple systems by establishing a fixed naming convention with existing CAD systems and INTELLIGENT ACCOUNTABILITY™ solutions
  • Automatically record accurate event response start times
  • Download in-progress CAD or Salamander events into SalamanderLive and select the event for your team’s response