Solution Updates

RAPID TAG v5.0.8 Release

This release updated the scanning library.

SalamanderLive v66.0.0 Release

This release brings numerous features and enhancements. Included are additional added security measures to help protect user information and the completion of over 120 tickets. Some features included are: mapping deployable equipment, temperature scanning kiosk functionality linking to Salamander Credentials, enhanced functionality on Collections, and much more.

INVENTORY APP v2.0.0 Release

This release of the INVENTORY APP introduces a new menu option to access each inventory function. Additional changes have been implemented within the “Issue” inventory function to streamline and enhance the user interface experience.

SalamanderLive v65.0.0 Release

This release includes the launch of several new features and additional reports. The new features include the Roster Tile, Collection creation / management, and the PIN Join feature. A complete history report has been added for people and equipment. Also included in this release were updates to several reports, numerous interface changes, and bug fixes.

TAG APP v2.4.0 Release

This TAG APP release is focused on creating a common look and feel withing the app, making the Android version 64-bit compliant, separates the TAG APP and TRACK APP for Android users, and includes bug fixes.