Pandemic Support

Front Line Solutions

Accountability is Our Priority

Whether serving thousands or millions of citizens in your jurisdiction, Salamander provides safety measures by accurately and efficiently accounting for all testing and inoculations as well as accounting for the tools needed to provide such actions. Through our innovative technology, TAG, TRACK, & REPORT all required resources – both people and equipment through whatever stages are needed through the event. Our accountability solutions allow for contactless interaction from start to finish, providing peace of mind for both civilians and personnel.

POD Setup & Management

As we continue to battle the unforeseen pandemic, setting up mobile facilities to help care for patients continues to be an important step. Salamander’s solution helps to track and manage the activities that take place at the set-up of PODs, tearing them down, and relocating to a new location. Salamander provides the accountability solution to know the PODs are stocked and ready.

Salamander gives users the ability to pre-plan the event set-up before the event occurs. This includes setting up designated workers and making sure all personnel are pre-credentialed. This allows users to know what resources are available when it is time. As an event is running, account for personnel as they arrive, when they are reassigned, and when they leave.

Accounting for volunteers is also a necessity during POD management. This can be conducted by utilizing our RAPID TAG solution to check-in and credential each volunteer as they enter the event. Once registration is complete, information is then synced to our other accountability solutions, creating a common operating picture. Within our TRACK APP, move or assign the volunteers from Checked-In to the assignment that they will be working at to keep full accountability. Maintain visibility throughout the event with activity reports that can be ran at any time providing users with real-time data.

Civilian Registration

Having a solution that ensures that citizens can quickly move in and out of facilities to limit interaction with others while having minimal contact points is important. With our state-of-the-art technology, quickly register civilians at the check-in station by using one of two methods:

  • Entering their information into SalamanderLive, our web-based tool that is the core of INTELLIGENT ACCOUNTABILITY, and printing a credential that can be scanned with our accountability tools to track the individual as they go through the testing or vaccination process.
  • Entering their information into RAPID TAG EVAC and parsing a driver’s license. Once complete, print a credential that can be scanned with our accountability tools to track the individual as they go through the testing or vaccination process.

Civilian Vaccination Management

Once the COVID vaccine is released to the public, it will be vital to document the information related to each dose a citizen received. As clients are registered, use their civilian credential to scan them from one station to another throughout the vaccination process / POD. Create time and date stamps each time their credential is scanned. If there is a recall on a batch of vaccines, know who to contact and send out communication. When clients return for the second dose, confirm the manufacturer and date of their first dose.

PPE & Vaccination Distribution Management

Demand is high for PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) & vaccinations during a pandemic and getting them to the proper distribution points is critical. Increase your visibility to the supply chain within your jurisdiction. Salamander provides the ability to track when PPE & vaccines arrive, batch numbers, quantities, and distribution to other facilities. With our tools, you will have real-time awareness of on hand quantities at all organization levels throughout your jurisdiction. Some examples of currently tracked PPE include:

  • Nitrile Gloves
  • N95 Masks
  • Disposable Masks
  • Face Shields
  • Hand Sanitization

Vaccination Inventory Management

Knowing the available quantities of vaccinations within the distribution centers is important while having citizens await administration. Salamander’s INVENTORY MANAGEMENT feature maintains real-time visibility on what vaccinations are on hand and what needs to be requested. As vaccinations are distributed to citizens, our system decrements the quantity on hand, in real-time, so you know when you are running low. Visibility on consumption can be seen from the parent level providing real-time data points.

Personnel Vaccination Management

Ensure your personnel are kept safe by accurately tracking their vaccinations all while capitalizing on your existing issued Salamander credential. Easily check vaccination status and timelines to reduce risk of exposure to those not yet vaccinated. Also, assure customers that vaccinations were complete with a touchless real-time interface.