Use Cases

Examples of Salamander in Action

State of Florida Canvassing and Vaccine Distribution Accountability

This spring, the Florida Division of Emergency Management (FDEM) used Salamander’s INTELLIGENT ACCOUNTABILITYTM features to credential and account for canvassers as well as strike team members and workers assisting at PODs to administer the COVID-19 vaccine.

Salamander Solutions Used



As more vaccinations are becoming available for distribution, the State of Florida has started canvassing communities throughout the state. Thousands of temp workers from various staffing agencies are going door to door to provide important vaccine information to residents at their homes. To increase community safety, canvassers are wearing a Salamander credential. Each credential is quickly created within SalamanderLive by capturing personnel information and a photo, followed by on-the-spot printing of the credential.

Utilizing Salamander has allowed FDEM to not only provide an ID for temp workers, but to track the status (active, inactive) of each person, which increases security due to the large turnover usually seen with these types of positions.

Also, each of FDEM’s regional Incident Management Teams (IMT) have been outfitted with Salamander. The IMTs are managing the credentialing and accountability of workers and volunteers that manage vaccination PODs throughout the state. The TRACK APP is being utilized to track worker check-in / check-out at each of the PODs, and as each credential is scanned with the TRACK APP, SALAMANDER IDENTITY VERIFICATION (SIV) ensures the authenticity and status of the credential.