These PC based applications for TAG and TRACK have been deployed and proven on countless events over the years by Salamander customers nationwide.


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Quickly and accurately create event specific IDs and automatically TRACK people, media, and available resources.

  • Pull data from drivers licenses to create interoperable IDs in a matter of seconds
  • Contains a unique barcode for automatic identification
  • Has the ability to contain profile information
  • Easily assign personnel to a site location via COMMAND
  • Track volunteer hours down to the second

Internet enabled functionality:

  • Automatically updates SalamanderLive™ with activity for accurate and detailed reporting

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Quickly create evacuee IDs to automatically TRACK location, destination, special needs, and family connections.

  • Pull data from drivers licenses to create valid IDs in a matter of seconds
  • Contains a unique barcode for automatic identification
  • Can contain patient demographics for detailed reporting
  • Easily TRACK evacuees for chain-of-custody
  • Keep shelters, evacuation centers, and medical facilities notified of incoming evacuees
  • Connect family members, pets, and belongings by linking their IDs to manage reunification efforts

Internet enabled functionality:

  • Automatically updates SalamanderLive with evacuee activity for accurate and detailed reporting

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Analyze, manage, and reposition available resources in an easy to understand ICS chart view with drag-and-drop functionality.

  • Pull data from scanned IDs provided by RAPID TAG, RAPID TAG EVAC, and TRACK APP to display active and available resources
  • Optimize incident command with a full operational picture
  • Display people, resource type, and other key details
  • Build ICS chart templates prior an event

Internet enabled functionality:

  • Automatically updates SalamanderLive with people, media, and other available resource activity for reporting

   ID Designer

Take creative control with ID Designer. This tool gives users the ability to create and design the badge of your choice.

  • Create, edit, and customize designs used when printing from SalamanderLive, RAPID TAG, RAPID TAG EVAC, and COMMAND
  • Follow the Badge Wizard, step by step, to easily create a new badge design
  • No limit to the number of design files that can be created
  • Design different types / sizes of badges, including: standard badges, wristbands, 3-up (three 2x1 tags), and more

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What Others Say

“It’s a good tool. We use it, we find it very instrumental and it’s changed the way we do business for the better.”

Chad Deese
Assistant 911 Direction with Robeson County, NC

“During the course of Hurricane Irma, Command Staff used Salamander to track the availability and location of over 200 personnel and 60 pieces of Apparatus, Patrol Cars, and Equipment. Throughout the day, we kept complete accountability while answering more than 200 calls for service. Over the past 12 years, I have personally taken part in several storm details. This was my first time utilizing Salamander’s accountability tools and was by far the smoothest operation I have ever been a part of. ”

Jason Walker
Lieutenant, Tift County Fire Rescue

"This past April, 24 hours prior to an F-3 tornado that devastated a large portion of my county, we acquired the Salamander COMMAND, RAPID TAG, and Mobile Express Systems. Moreover, two hours before our training should have ended, we found ourselves activating all three systems. These three systems have brought my office a new outlook on personnel efficiency, document reliability, and organizational control. Local governments have to provide a portion of the total cost of any declared disaster/crisis. With Salamander, each volunteer and piece of equipment was logged and we were able to use this as our portion of the in-kind match for funds. The Salamander system took a tremendous burden off our financial woes. In the first 72 hours, we were able to capture $135,000 in voluntary emergency response in-kind revenue. Our Salamander systems turned out to be priceless."

Jeana Williams
Van Buren County (AR) Office of Emergency Management

"The products, first. They are simple and robust, clearly designed for field operations by real-life operators. We had a Salamander system in use seven days a week during a landfill search operation, with the equipment exposed to heat, cold, dust, dirt, mud, rain, snow, and sunlight, tracking over 1100 personnel, and nothing broke over the eight weeks of operations. That was far more severe than any torture test I could develop. Their personnel and training are very good, but none of that matters if the products don't work and survive in the field."

Alan Colon
Chair, Denver UASI North Central Credentialing Program

“Our first chance to use it was with a large wildland class where we wanted full accountability. We had students from across the state and we used RAPID TAG to quickly register the students. Then with their tags printed on the spot we used the tags to check in and out the students from their practical’s. We are a rural department and we have been using Salamander for several years as our normal P.A.R. and credential system. RAPID TAG was our next step and I am glad that our first chance to use it was a training exercise. Now more of our responders see the value of the Salamander system.”

Douglas W. Herrman
Assistant Chief, Forman Fire Department