Public Health

When the world changed as COVID became a pandemic, we learned that being able to TAG and TRACK medical care providers, volunteers, patients, evacuees, and equipment was essential to ensure that everyone remained as safe as possible and needed inventory was made available.

Salamander accounts for resources spanning across the public health field. From popup clinics and screenings to daily activities, having visibility to who is on-scene and what stock is on hand has never been more critical.

  • Personnel accountability and time tracking at PODS
  • Create interoperable ID to TRACK all medical personnel, volunteers, patients, evacuees, equipment, and PPE
  • Manage qualifications, rostering, and medical data
  • Create event specific IDs
  • TRACK resource activity in real-time, including attendance at health clinics and screenings
  • Utilize tablets and smartphones for mobile tracking
  • Manage accountability in comms-in and comms-out environments
  • Verify that credentials are valid and up to date when scanned
  • Access comprehensive event logs with real-time activity for debriefing
  • Have situational awareness with off-scene activity
  • Run real-time reports to have complete visibility to event activity
  • Account for incoming and outgoing assets with full visibility to who has what
  • Access asset details to know how much is in stock at anytime

Recommended Solutions and Features for Public Health

Salamander leads the pack by combining all three functions into one integrated solution suite called INTELLIGENT ACCOUNTABILITYâ„¢ that provides a real-time operational picture and visibility of jurisdiction resources to all stakeholders involved: TAG, TRACK, & REPORT. Utilizing INTELLIGENT ACCOUNTABILITY helps ensure that the RIGHT RESOURCES, are at the RIGHT PLACE, at the RIGHT TIME, with the RIGHT CREDENTIALS for every event.