Fire & Rescue

There are several fire & rescue organizations today that fulfill only one of the three needs of reliable accountability during events. Today, there’s limited situational visibility due to manual and reactive workflows in place. To gain order and control, it takes boots on the ground to assess the event as well as resource identification.

Accountability is mandatory and it is imperative that the Incident Commander has visibility always. Life safety, event accountability, command and control, and leadership liability make tracking who is on-scene with what qualifications, when they arrive or depart, and where they are located of the utmost importance.

  • Create interoperable IDs to track all personnel, volunteers, patients, evacuees, civilians, and even equipment
  • Manage qualifications, certifications, rostering, and medical data
  • Remotely check-in and view resources on a map
  • TRACK all resource activity throughout an event
  • Utilize tablets and smartphones for mobile tracking
  • Begin tracking and accountability efforts instantly with CAD integration
  • Manage accountability in comms-in and comms-out environments
  • Utilize pre-planned templates for all event types (i.e. search & rescue, wildfire, etc.)
  • Provide comprehensive event logs with real-time activity and detailed reporting for debriefing
  • Give situational awareness with off-scene activity
  • Upload documents (ie. manuals, copy of DL) and link to people or equipment
  • Use a webcam to take on-the-fly photos of people and equipment
  • Know what assets your people have on hand and link the assets to a specific event
  • Using the INVENTORY APP, issue and turn-in equipment easily on a mobile device
  • Tie your grant money to the purchase record when you import assets into SalamanderLive

In support of NIMS federal standards

Recommended Solutions and Features for Fire & Rescue

Salamander leads the pack by combining all three functions into one integrated solution suite called INTELLIGENT ACCOUNTABILITY™ that provides a real-time operational picture and visibility of jurisdiction resources to all stakeholders involved: TAG, TRACK, & REPORT. Utilizing INTELLIGENT ACCOUNTABILITY helps ensure that the RIGHT RESOURCES, are at the RIGHT PLACE, at the RIGHT TIME, with the RIGHT CREDENTIALS for small to large-scale fires.