Leveraging a common ID badge, Salamander improves school safety and accountability by creating a link between schools and first responders.

When a situation arises, school administrators, teachers, and first responders can easily and accurately account for all people on premise. Accountability information captured by schools is shared with response agencies to create a common operating picture during emergencies, enabling responders to swiftly take command of the situation. Salamander creates clarity in the midst of chaos.


During an emergency, account for students and staff by scanning their ID badges. Information is shared with local first responders, who can take immediate action. First responders can also account for students and staff using their own Salamander tracking solutions. The scan shows when, where, and by whom.


Scan ID badges at every touchpoint (from leaving school, to boarding the bus, arriving to destination, to back on the bus, and arriving at school). The scan shows when, where, and by whom.


A simple scan occurs when students enter school and then when they enter and leave classrooms. The scan shows when, where, and by whom.


Scan student's ID badges when they board and leave the bus. The scan shows when, where, and by whom.


A simple scan occurs when students and staff arrive to the safe zone. The scan shows when, where, and by whom.


A simple scan occurs when staffing enter school and then when they exit the school.


A scan occurs when both staff and students enter school, confirming their status allowing or denying access.

Recommended Solutions and Features for Education

Salamander leads the pack by combining all three functions into one integrated solution suite called INTELLIGENT ACCOUNTABILITY™ that provides a real-time operational picture and visibility of jurisdiction resources to all stakeholders involved: TAG, TRACK, & REPORT. Utilizing INTELLIGENT ACCOUNTABILITY helps ensure that the RIGHT RESOURCES, are at the RIGHT PLACE, at the RIGHT TIME, with the RIGHT CREDENTIALS for educators.

FAQ in Education

Does Salamander TRACK students when they are at home?

Salamander is designed so it can be used to best suit your needs. Our TAGs can be scanned at the time of boarding and / or exiting a bus, entering or exiting the school or even the classroom.

How secure is the information stored in SalamanderLive?

Salamander uses AWS GovCloud to store sensitive data. Currently we store data for government, military, and more.

What information is stored on the barcode?

Each school has the ability to decide what information they would like stored on the TAG such as: name, grade, phone number, and more.

My students already have a TAG that is provided through a photo company.

We can add a barcode to the existing TAG to add additional functionality for tracking students. Know where your students are located during school, events, bussing attendance, and for drills / emergencies.

Our staff already has an ID that they use for access control.

Salamander can add an additional barcode to your staffs existing ID. Scan the added barcode to account for staff during day-to-day activities and if an event occurs. Store staff’s information on their ID such as name, phone number, and even their qualifications.

Our younger students are not ready to carry TAGs.

For students that are not at the point where they will be wearing / carrying a TAG, we can provide scan sheets with their photos, name, and barcode that can be scanned.

Our transportation is outsourced.

Salamander can work with your transportation company to discuss the benefits of our features and how they would be interoperable with your school.

What options do we have if our teachers are opposed to placing work APPs on their personal devices?

We understand that staff using their personal devices may not be an option. We do offer discounted options, if needed.