Our unrivaled INTELLIGENT ACCOUNTABILITY™ services and solutions have brought great success stories and outstanding results to organizations around the country. Below are just a few examples of Salamander’s ability to add measurable value to our client’s mission of ensuring everyone goes home safely.

Robeson County - Hurricane Disaster Preparedness
Orange County Helping Robeson County During Hurricane Michael on October 10th, 2018.

Salamander Solutions Used


When Hurricane Matthew hit the east coast, Robeson County found themselves without an accountability tool that they could use to track residents, employers, and volunteers. Orange County stepped in and introduced them to Salamander and it was at that time they saw an unlimited number of situations that they had been through that Salamander would have been beneficial for.

Within a couple hours of being introduced to the new system, Robeson County was up and running and had gained full control of the situation. Federal, State, County, Local, and surrounding Mutual Aid (over 103 agencies and 2000 personnel) were tagged using RAPID TAG at the EOC front door. With the printed RAPID TAGs, Robeson County knew exactly who was on-scene (with contact information) from each agency. “It was you, come in, you check-in, you wear your badge, and we know who you are, we know who is on-site, we know who you are when you walk into a room, and we knew what time you worked – how long and what shift,” said Chad Deese, Assistant 911 Director with Robeson County, NC. When the finance team asked for the number of hours people were checking in and checking out, the process was easy. With a click of a button the finance department had all the information they needed. “The time report was just amazing. The information that was able to be obtained and used by our finance department,” said Chad.

Last year when Hurricane Florence hit, Robeson County already had their own setup of Salamander in place. They started a mass production of hard cards for their responders – medical, police, fire, healthcare, and more. Before the storm had hit, 95% of their responders were tagged. As the storms were nearing, the county began to hold briefings and used RAPID TAG to check people in to have accountability on the agencies and people who were preparing themselves. With the experience of having utilized the powerfulness of Salamander to manage accountability during Hurricane Matthew, they were able to “start way early and be better prepared on the front end of the house.”

Robeson County recently added RAPID TAG EVAC and are excited to take their accountability a step further as they will be able help concerned callers about their family members and loved ones. “…the difference between day and night.” In the past they didn’t have any details to who was specifically in each of the shelters but just had a head count. With RAPID TAG EVAC they will be able to easily tell if they have made a rescue, what shelter or hospital they are at, and a phone number to contact.

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