Our unrivaled INTELLIGENT ACCOUNTABILITY™ services and solutions have brought great success stories and outstanding results to organizations around the country. Below are just a few examples of Salamander’s ability to add measurable value to our client’s mission of ensuring everyone goes home safely.

MABAS Illinois Training Summit
Event conducted by MABAS


MABAS Illinois (Mutual Aid Box Alarm System), in partnership with IEMA (Illinois Emergency Management Agency), hosts an annual Command Training Summit for fire, EMS and specialized incident operational teams. MABAS Illinois celebrated their 50th anniversary on February 5th – 7th, 2018 and utilized the Salamander’s INTELLIGENT ACCOUNTABILITY™ suite to TAG, TRACK, & REPORT attendee participation.

Salamander Solutions Used


It was actually a good opportunity to show them how easy it is to use [Salamander] - Plans Branch Chief at MABAS Illinois

Every year, MABAS employees meet for an annual training summit that encompasses various breakout sessions, lunches, dinners and general assemblies. “We had SalamanderLive running at the reception area and had cards pre-printed for people that registered ahead of time. If people walked in to register, we could pre-print ID cards right there for registration,” said Plans Branch Chief at MABAS Illinois. “All our employees are there, so it was a good opportunity to show [employees] how easy it is to use [Salamander] and show them the end results – how [Salamander] keeps TRACK of everybody.”

This year, the Salamander solutions helped MABAS successfully TRACK 400+ attendees utilizing TRACK APP and RAPID TAG, and provided complete situational awareness of class/assignment participation by utilizing COMMAND. “[Training summit registration] is pretty similar to when you to have a disaster.” Chief continues, “All firefighters that respond are credentialed with, what we call, tier two cards that have a [Salamander] barcode. Firefighters would go through the credentialing center and we would scan them in before they were given a task. So, this training summit showed our people how easy it actually is to utilize Salamander and watch it work.”

The TRACK APP was phenomenal. We use the TRACK APP on our cell phones and it kept up with the crowd. We scanned in 121 people in 3 minutes for lunch. - Plans Branch Chief at MABAS Illinois

“The TRACK APP was phenomenal. We use the TRACK APP on our cell phones and it kept up with the crowd. We scanned in 121 people in 3 minutes for lunch, which I thought was pretty awesome,” said Plans Branch Chief at MABAS Illinois. “At first, we thought that people were going to be a little reluctant to be scanned. But, believe it or not, people were walking up to us saying, ‘I didn’t get scanned in’ and, ‘I need to get scanned.’ That was a positive note for us. It just shows you that society, today, is used to being scanned and everyone wants to be scanned in.” Historically, MABAS provided attendees with a nametag that could be worn around the neck and manually tracked attendance through spreadsheets. This year, for MABAS’s 50th anniversary, they were able to customize their attendee TAG template with their official logo and a 50-year anniversary ribbon utilizing ID DESIGNER, making it more official than years prior.

“Overall, the biggest benefit of using and learning the Salamander system [during the training summit], is that it’s not as hard as we think it is,” said Kim Szlak, Administrative Specialist at MABAS Illinois. For efficiency and validation, MABAS utilized Salamander to automate reporting for reimbursement and accurately document continuing education hours for all dispatchers that attended sessions. Chief Littlefield explains, “It took us from paper and pencil to a more technological system. The reports that we are able to produce [using Salamander] are a more attractive and look more professional than a hand-written report. From an accountability standpoint, it’s well-organized and the capabilities of printing reports is very helpful.”

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