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Cornhuskers Game Day Events
Events conducted by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Police


Approximately seven times per year, the University of Nebraska hosts a sell-out game day for the Nebraska Cornhuskers football team with crowds that nearly doubles Lincoln’s population size. It takes the management from University Police and event staff, and support from Lincoln Lancaster County Emergency Management Agency to ensure the safety of the people in and around the stadium. With the aid of Salamander, the University Police can ensure the right resources are stationed and tracked at the right time no matter what agency responders belong to.

Salamander Solutions Used


“Lincoln’s population is right around 265,000 people. On game day, if you can imagine, we have about 90,000 fans in the stadium and close to another 100,000 that surround the stadium,” said Shannon McVaney, Emergency Management Specialist at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. “All University Police personnel have been entered into SalamanderLive and carry their badges with them. Through our partnership with the city’s EM Agency, we have also been provided battle books with law enforcement, fire and EMS responders that are within the city of Lincoln and Lancaster county jurisdiction that receive RAPID TAG badges.”

By utilizing RAPID TAG for game day, University Police command know that the resources on their incident action plan are on-site or if someone came in place of them. As well, they TAG and automatically TRACK the hours worked by outside law enforcement, fire and EMS responders over an approximate 12-hour period. “The city of Lincoln’s law enforcement officers don’t work on game day until the 1st quarter because they are working the streets to help traffic flow. At some point, officers switch from their incident in the city and come work our event,” said Mark Robertson, Emergency Manager at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. “RAPID TAG allows us to know if they arrived on-scene. After the game, the reports generated by Salamander will reflect to us is when, exactly, they showed up. When they’re not working our event, they are getting paid by the city, but when they are working our event, the University pays for their hours.”

RAPID TAG is also utilized for tracking equipment that is provided to responders coming from outside of the county’s jurisdiction. Shannon clarifies, “We’ve developed a system using SalamanderLive to TRACK who is receiving our radios. If a call comes in, our dispatchers can look up who has that radio in SalamanderLive and contact that responder. It also ensures that every radio that was checked out, we will get back at the end of the event.”

“Ultimately the SalamanderLive has provided us with better accountability”, said Mark. “We would like to have a lot more resources than we do. Because of the influx of people into the city, we have to share our resources wisely. By using Salamander’s solution, we can identify and TRACK what resources we have and use them intelligently.”

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